#SUPPORTWOMAN: Setting up a Support Model

This article is a follow-up on my previous blog:  SUPPORTWOMAN, first, watch the go-live

Support model definition

  • How is the support model defined, where and by whom are the support activities performed?
  • What works in your specific culture (similar structure can already exist)?
  • Will it be based in HR or in IT; internal or external?
  • Prepare an FAQ of frequently asked questions… knowing that many questions that come in are rather process-related (about 80%)
  • Evaluate the anticipated support volumes and development in time, either using previous go-lives and systems, or by asking questions
  • Develop an SLA approach to measure support performance

Introducing a centralized, tiered structure

A centralized approach to support, with a clarified definition of who-does-what and of all the tasks to be covered can be very helpful.

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#SUPPORTWOMAN: first, watch the go-live


So, why are you reading this?
You have either implemented or are in the process of implementing your new, awesome, responsive, interactive HR system; you are looking forward to the expected accelerations that will be delivered by the new technologies you have selected to implement. The new processes are going to make life easier for everybody and provide plenty of insightful data; its modern UI will entice your employees to use the system and adopt the new methods. You have planned a launch, and a change management plan has been put in place to communicate, train, teach and share. So what now?

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