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Award-Winning Consultancy

invenioLSI is an award-winning consultancy, headquartered in Waltham MA,
which solves complex business challenges with the adoption of best-in-class business practices and digitalization.

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Serving the Public & Private Sectors

The company has specialist expertise and deep experience in the Public Sector and select industries across the Private Sector, including the media and entertainment, manufacturing, chemicals, and pharmaceutical industries. invenioLSI, provides end-to-end solution and service offerings which include integration, mobility & portals, and AI and advanced analytics.

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Transforming Organizations into Intelligent Enterprises

Recognized for leading SAP S/4HANA implementations and creating industry-specific solutions, invenioLSI, continues to deliver the future by transforming organizations into intelligent enterprises across the public and private sectors. invenioLSI, has a global presence, with offices across the US, in the UK, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, India, and Fiji. 

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