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Employee Spotlight Katy Quilter | LSI Culture

Employee Spotlight Katy Quilter | The Culture of LSI

What does it mean to have a company culture? At LSI we believe culture starts with the people. For 21 years we've hired some truly remarkable people that have brought us new perspectives, innovative ideas, and diverse skillsets. Before anyone get's hired at LSI they talk to Katy Quilter. Katy has been LSI's Human Resource Director for 12 years. She's knows what makes LSI tick and what drives it's amazing culture. We sat down with Katy to hear more about the magic behind LSI's culture. 

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Why did you choose LSI?
"I was fortunate enough to know LSI as an organization, before I was looking for a role change. LSI offered the benefit of flexibility to me, with options to work some days from home, and without requiring me to take a train in to the city, during rush hour. LSI also offered a wide range of exciting and varied work opportunities to me on any given day." 

What’s kept you at LSI for all these years?
"The people - my relationships with dedicated, intelligent, down to earth colleagues who inspire me each day. The variety in my daily work, from recruiting, to benefit renewals, to retirement plan management, and cleared facility administration. Schedule flexibility [such as] corporate office vs home office. The trust, faith, assistance, encouragement, and, support of the LSI management, as well as commitment to continued growth and development of the Human Resources  and Staffing and Recruiting operations. When I first met LSI’s CEO, Steve Roach in 1998, he explained to me that he was 'in the people business' I assumed he meant IT, or systems, however, in hind sight, I see that he truly refers to the relationship with the people who make things happen: our employees, our close knit and repeat business client base, as well as the candidates we are working with in our staffing pipeline."

Neon House Ice Cream (2)What’s the biggest change you’ve seen throughout your time at LSI?
"Incessant business growth, expansion, continued opportunity for investments in
infrastructure and employee-based human capital, not to mention vast changes in technology over the years!"

Nowadays is all about work-life balance. How would you describe the work-balance at LSI?
"Working for LSI Consulting allows me the opportunity to flex my hours during the day, meeting the business needs, as well as personal needs, especially now that we work across US time zones. I can work at home at 5:30 am ET, and later take a 10 pm ET phone interview call with a West Coast based candidate, or, speak with a reference in Singapore, from my home office."

Human, real, personal. Grit, endless effort.How would you describe LSI’s company culture?
"Human, real, personal, grit, endless effort. 70 + % employee referral-based hiring! Management’s continuous investment in employee growth and development."

What makes LSI employees stand out amongst other SAP consulting companies?
"Our most successful employees present as genuinely enjoying the intricate and challenging work, as competent, solution oriented, with a smile and sense of humor, a positive attitude, and demonstrate an endless, solid, reliable work ethic."

How would you describe LSI’s leadership? 
"LSI has always been a privately-owned company. Two of our three founding partners remain dedicated, to the daily management and guidance of the company."

How is LSI's leadership different than other companies?
"LSI’s owners lead by example. The owners wake up on Monday at 4:30 am, go to the airport, fly to a client site and work 4, 10-12 hour days, week after week, after week. They are dedicated to our employee’s success, as well our client’s success. The owners are concerned not just about their own families, or paying their bills or mortgages, they consider all of LSI's employees when making business decisions."
Human, real, personal. Grit, endless effort. (2)What’s one thing about LSI that many people don’t know?
"LSI was born out of the SAP implementation at MIT in Cambridge in the late 1990’s. And, considering our 21 years in the SAP Public Sector solution space, LSI still retains the entrepreneurial, start-up, family friendly atmosphere to me. We have open doors and lines of communication and work closely together to make the magic happen on projects!"

If you could describe LSI in a few words what would they be?
"Focused, innovative, customer and solution-oriented."


LSI may have changed a lot since Katy started 12 years ago, but its culture has withstood the test of time. LSI remains dedicated to the growth of its employees and the success of their customers. When leadership is able to work side-by-side with their employee-base, this cultivates a culture in which everyone is valued and recognized for their outstanding efforts to help LSI's customers grow and evolve with SAP. 

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