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Employee Spotlight | Gabby Turner

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Gabby Turner | Contracts and Proposal Management Director | At LSI since 2011 
LSI as a company is constantly changing. As technology advances and the markets shift, LSI listens and responds by continuing to put the needs of their customers first and adapting to an ever-evolving environment. For one LSI employee evolution has been the theme. Gabby Turner has been with LSI for 8 years. Throughout her time here she has worn many different hats and has grown her part-time role into a full-time career in SAP. Her continued growth with the company and inspirational journey at LSI is why she has been chosen for this week's Employee Spotlight.

What made you interested in SAP? 
I actually had no previous knowledge of SAP before working for LSI. In fact, I went and Googled SAP before my interviews with Katy Quilter and Rick Miller. No, I’m not kidding. Now I’m like, why didn’t I know about this system in college as a potential career?

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Why did you choose LSI?
I had to rebuild my career path and future plans after a horrific car accident and recovery from it meant I had to leave my prior industry I never thought I would leave, and quit grad school. LSI gave me the chance to start the rebuild. I had no idea at the beginning I would still be here after 8 years, and I love that I am. 6 months after my memory started returning and literally relearning to take my first steps in rehab, LSI was the first professional step forging that new path essentially rebuilding my entire life's vision of my future. When I realized I could get the same excitement, mobility, and challenges within this new SAP environment and utilize honed skills within my wheelhouse while continually learning more, I was hooked. I keep choosing LSI year after year because they keep believing in me, and I keep believing in our potential as a company.  I continually look forward to how my role can best play a positive part in LSI's vision. I think you definitely get out of it what you put into it.

How has your role evolved throughout your time at LSI?
I started with LSI as a part time project assistant to Rick Miller at Travis County so I did not initially expect for my role to last longer than the project. Working with Rick and the other LSIers on that project was an awesome experience. The workload and scope soon expanded at Travis and I got to meet lots of people and pick a lot of brains. Once I realized that I wanted to become part of the bigger picture at LSI, I let them know and continued to work hard and diligently to prove it. I was definitely a squeaky wheel in letting them know I wanted to be a part of the awesomeness. I was eventually hired full-time and moved to working on site as a consultant and then again refocused into working in contracts and proposal management, and I’ve been doing that ever since. I'm lucky to have awesome mentors at LSI.

What does LSI do differently than other SAP consulting companies?
It’s definitely not just one thing. The pure synergy that our management and consultants bring to each project makes LSI different from any other SAP consulting company. Quality, efficiency and going the extra mile for a customer are key. I think we do a great job of listening, asking the right questions to pin point the customer’s needs, and strategically working through how we can best fit the needs of the customer. What sets us apart is our level of experience in the public sector and quality of work, not just as consultants, but also having been previous industry professionals from both the technical and functional sides gives our expertise extra breadth and depth.  This sets us atop in reputation within the industry and that is not by accident. We are a lean, mean, robust machine where everyone must carry their own weight and it shows in strength and numbers.

What are you interested in learning for the future?
I’m concurrently enrolled in law school full-time while working so I look forward to learning everything available to me now in school, passing the bar, and applying it to my professional role at LSI in-house.

How do you stay focused? What motivates you to get the job done?I really enjoy work, and so I have to force the downtime to be respectful of all the other areas that need tending in my life. (3)
I really have no time not to be focused since I’m working full-time, in law school full-time, planning a wedding, plus just life in general. If I don't manage work well, then the other areas  of my life would suffer and vice versa. The best strategy I use to help stay focused is exercising, honing my daily time management skills and forcing downtime from work to focus on school and my personal interests.  I really enjoy work, and so I have to force the downtime to be respectful of all the other areas that need tending in my life. Being able to be relatively autonomous in my job is also hugely helpful as it really is incentive for keeping it that way with continued trust and reliance you build with others. Plus the addition of an awesome home support team really makes it all doable. Even my family knows, when I come to visit or when I go on vacation, I will have my laptop and books along with me-just in case.

What's the most challenging aspect of your job?
The most challenging aspect is balancing the workload, work effort, availability, accessibility and estimating what I need for each. Sometimes I  get into something  I think will take me two hours and then something else comes up and five hours later I'm still working to resolve it. It’s an ebb and flow and with a project based job by nature it helps to be connected as much as possible in case something comes up. It always helps to plan and budget your time on a daily basis but plans can change so flexibility is key. I love that my job allows for such flexibility and autonomy, such a blessing. It’s all about balance, creating boundaries and parameters, and speaking up if you are encountering issues before it’s too late.

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What is your favorite thing about your job?
My favorite thing about LSI is hands down the quality of the human beings that make it up. My favorite thing about my job is, it’s the flexibility, challenges, autonomy and mobility. If I have to go to the doctor or take someone to the doctor or my car breaks down, I can still handle it and get the job done. While I have moments of missing the weekly travel to be on site at projects, nothing can take the place of being present when needed for family. When my dad had a heart attack in front of me I was able to stop and be present for him and his care, but since I also had my laptop with me I could stay connected to work and get the jobs done so I didn’t get too far behind. My standard rule is, if I’m near my laptop, internet and a Fedex, I’m golden!

At LSI we are constantly inspired by our employees. Gabby Turner especially sparks inspiration in us with her driven nature and dedication to her future growth and growth of the company. It takes extreme motivation to pursue a law degree and work full-time but if there is anyone that can do it, it's Gabby. Keep up the amazing work Gabby and continue to be a driving force for LSI!