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Employee Spotlight | Garrett Mitchell Senior Consultant

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Garrett Mitchell is a Senior Consultant for LSI. He started December 2018 and although he's fairly new to the company he's been a powerful force when it comes  to Ariba implementations. It's clear that this guy knows what it takes to get the job done well. We sat down with Garrett to see what it's like working for LSI, and hear from him first hand about what it takes to be one of our consultants! 

What is your role here at LSI?
"I'm a Senior Consultant with a concentration on project management for Ariba implementations. I am also serving in business development to grow the LSI and Ariba partnership and portfolio." 

Why did you pursue a career in SAP?
"I've seen the tremendous value that the software brings from the perspective of both a system implementer and an end user. My primary experience is with Ariba. Ariba addresses the rapidly changing needs of the purchasing world and I believe in the software’s ability to immediately create value and SAPs continued innovation."

Walk us through a typical day in your shoes? how do you approach a project?Time man matrix
"I plan my day the night before and organize my tasks using Stephen Covey’s important vs urgent matrix to help prioritize what needs to be accomplished. I'm an early riser and every day must start coffee, a quick check on my reef aquarium, and focused time with my wife and son. I’ll ask Alexa for my 'flash briefing' to get familiar with the day’s news and then right to email. I'll review the status of my responsible projects and re-familiarize myself with the upcoming tasks and milestones. If I have any meetings or presentations for the day I will finish preparing to make sure everyone’s time is well spent. I will use any remaining time review current procurement best practices and better understand the Ariba software."

How do you approach a project?
"I approach any project with the client’s goal in mind. Where do we need to be in the end and how are our decisions in this moment getting us to that goal. I practice this in any phase of the project whether it is exploratory, planning, execution, or completion."

How do you stay focused?
"Focus to me is being present in the moment by giving all attention and effort to the current task or situation. I love this analogy which came from Jesse Itzler’s experience at a monastery while washing dishes. Jesse turns to the monk and says, 'there are hundreds of dishes here, I’ll never finish' the monk replies 'There is only the dish that is in your hands.' Be present, don’t rush, and be where your feet are."

NEW GM graphicWhat drives you to get the job done?
"I’m driven to get the job done knowing the result will bring tremendous value to the client. Seeing a project come together step by step and watching a client realize the valuable impact keeps me driven.

How do you keep up with SAP training? What are some of the best training resources?
"SAP learning hub contains the best training and notifications to stay up to date with certifications and the latest SAP and Ariba offerings. The dashboard will let me know what is new, where I need to focus, and what needs to be completed to maintain the knowledge of Ariba and it's integrations. Live and recorded webinars hosted by SAP and Ariba are great additional resources to learn new and optimal software processes."

What’s your favorite thing about your job?  
"Networking and interacting with bright people every day is certainly a pleasure and motivator. This is true of both the LSI team and our customers. My job allows me to see progress daily which is a major driver of satisfaction. It may be a milestone, or a small task being accomplished, regardless, we are always moving forward with change for good."

What’s the most challenging thing about your job?
"Anticipate and proactively mitigate unknown issues. There will always be surprises in any project. It is a challenge to identify these issues early yet exciting to develop uniquely designed solutions."

In your opinion, what makes LSI stand out amongst other SAP consultants?
"LSI is not only committed to providing exceptional services but an unforgettable superior-quality experience for our customers. We are dedicated and passionate to bring tangible and value-added change to our client’s organization. We are relentless to always make the best even better."  

Chatting with Garrett it seems like he has found a pretty good system for success when it comes to SAP consulting. His expertise and focus provides an invaluable service to LSI's customers who as always, remain the driving force behind everything we do. LSI consultants are extremely driven, personable, but most importantly preform to a level of excellence that exceeds far beyond the expectations of the job.