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How LSI Can Transform Your Career


Five months ago I joined LSI coming from a large and upcoming tech company located in Cambridge, MA. Although the company I worked for had global recognition and was voted one of the top places to work in the Boston area, I didn’t feel like I was growing to my full potential. With five years of work experience and a Masters Degree under my belt, I still didn’t feel like my talents were being acknowledged or even recognized by my team. I simply couldn’t see a future there. 

My slow career progression all changed when I started working at LSI. I came in with zero SAP experience and only a few years of experience in my current field. I was apprehensive that I would be again looked over, but what I experienced was quite the opposite. Within two months I was already attending the largest SAP conference in the U.S.,  SAPPHIRENOW and representing LSI and the amazing work they're doing for the Public Sector. I was learning from real industry experts and sitting down with the LSI partners, learning first hand about the SAP industry. 

Perhaps the most amazing thing I experienced in my first couple of months at LSI was the amount of trust the Partners and LSI team had in me. I was given the freedom to run with my ideas and create content that before, I would have never gotten the opportunity to produce with my old company. My resume and portfolio have grown more within these last 5 months at LSI than it ever did throughout my three years at my old company. 

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LSI has truly transformed my career. Here’s how it can transform yours:

  1. Free SAP training: LSI has been in the business for over 21 years. They have a huge database of knowledge that they are willing to share with junior employees to quickly immerse them in the world of SAP.

  2. Portfolio and Resume building: LSI works primarily with the public sector. This field opens you up to work in multiple industries like Higher Education, Federal, Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Local Government. This is great for resume building. The multiple industries LSI touches create a broader and more diverse resume and work experience profile. 

  3. Experience More: At LSI you are able to experience more in a shorter amount of time. Attend conferences and trade shows, travel to new locations, and meet with our customers. 

  4. Gain the Trust you Deserve: LSI hires every candidate recognizing their talents and full potential. No idea is too small and LSI trusts you to do the incredible. 

  5. Be A Part of the Culture: LSI has a unique culture. Everyone is committed to creating a work environment that is caring, mindful, and is dedicated to the success of everyone on the team. We don’t care if it sounds cliché, LSI employees are like family and are treated like so.


LSI has been an amazing experience for me. I’ve been able to build myself up in my career, take on more responsibility, and gain so much more knowledge than ever before. If you’re looking for a change, start your search with LSI and see how they can transform your career. http://jobs.jobvite.com/lsiconsulting/jobs