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LSI Hits a Major Milestone with the Completion of PSU Explore Phase

Explore stage

"We are finally and officially on the journey to our July 2020 implementation date. It will be a challenging and exciting journey that will impact Penn State in many ways. That's what Michael Busges the senior director of Enterprise Project Management Office at Penn State University said June 4th 2018 at the SIMBA (System for Integrated Management, Budgeting and Accounting) project Kick-off. When LSI came on as SIMBA's implementation partner is wasn't a small task. Penn State University is America's 6th largest University. LSI was working with a completely green field, and replacing the 30 year old technology IBIS with SAP S/4HANA to meet the University's ERP needs. The Penn State University Explore phase took 6 team training Sessions, 48 explore sessions, 144 explore breakout sessions and 27 playback session. 
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This may be a large project but LSI wasn't intimidated by the scale. With 21 years of experience implementing SAP, LSI knew what it was going to take to get the job done. LSI's very own executive vice president Shyamal Jajodia was confident that LSI could lead the project in the right direction, expressing this at that same June 4th kick-off, "We're the right implementation partner for you because we bring the expertise in both SAP and higher education. We have a long history of implementing SAP at universities and we bring all that experience here to help you achieve success," His words remain true today because for the last 10 months LSI has been committed to the success of Penn State University, and it is with great pleasure that we announce the completion  and sign-off of SIMBA Project Explore phase. Penn State is happy with the progress as well Busges stating that he is "pleased with the level of sophistication, details, and consistency in [LSI's] documentation." 

Implementation at PSU is due for completion July, 2020 and SIMBA will drastically increase the University’s business agility through improved processes, reporting, budget forecasting and integrated functions, in addition it will introduce a contemporary user interface.

Congratulations to PSU's Project team for a job well done!