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[Recording] Simplifying the School Budget Process with Public Budget Formulation Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud


On November 12th, LSI hosted the second Fall Series webinar on Simplifying the School Budget Process with Public Budget Formulation Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud. Charlie Collins, LSI Budgeting Director, and Kelsey Czeck, LSI Consulting Budgeting Consultant, brought the audiences a live demo to exhibit how SAP Public Budget Formulation Cloud Edition (PBFC) can support different budget approaches, processes, and outputs. Both speakers walked the audiences through salary and benefit forecasting, school funding allocations, school budget formulation, importing and exporting data, creating budget input forms and dashboarding with SAP Analytics Cloud.


Czeck described how the pandemic has pushed School District budget offices to adapt the budget process and in turn, seek software that simplifies budgeting while further promoting transparency and measurement of achievement. An easy-to-use and easy-on-the-budget solution is critical for Superintendents to formulate a solid operating blueprint in an unpredictable fiscal environment.

The SAP Public Budget Formulation Cloud provides a dynamic and collaborative environment to accommodate the requirements of the end-to-end public sector budget formulation process. Compared to the outdated and complex school budget processes, Collins shed light on PBFC’s simplification advantages in the following areas:

  • Simplify budgeting process- PBFC provides real-time and automated processes, flexibility to meet changing needs, and performance budgeting for results.
  • Simplify user experiences- PBFC has a modern user interface that is easy to adopt for first-time users, and the reporting delivers budget insight and decision support.
  • Simplify technology- PBFC offers a simplified data model that supports the public sector and reduces manual efforts through integrated solutions.

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