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Stefan Wagner Discusses How SAP Services Can Help Sports Franchises Create a Complete Stadium Experience 


Stefan Wagner, the Senior Vice President and Global General Manager for Sports & Entertainment as SAP, recently spoke to Rick Horrow, more commonly known as “The Sports Professor,” about the importance of SAP’s services and solutions for sports franchises. Wagner pointed out that SAP services allow sports teams to internally manage their business operations and customer relations, while also creating a great user experience for their fan bases to interact with team statistics. As well, SAP can help sports teams and players, as Wagner mentions, “become more productive on the pitch,” as the software can also allow players and coaches to analyze their play and utilize data to improve overall performance. Best of all, this software can be individually tailored to each customer based on their personal desires. SAP and its clients can ”develop solutions together” by “modifying and customizing the solution” to meet the client’s needs, says Wagner.

Wagner delves further into the benefits for sports franchises and teams by presenting a standard three-pillared solution portfolio that can be modified accordingly for each team. The first pillar is the Operations Pillar, which is running the finances, human resources, and other company-specific internal business operations. The second pillar is the Sales and Marketing Pillar, which “allows customers to open new avenues for revenue” by increasing ticket sales and better understanding fans. Finally, the third pillar is the Team Performance Pillar, helping “the clubs and associations gain a competitive edge with an end-to-end solution.”

Wagner and SAP want to work with Sports franchises in order to improve the stadium experience for teams, fans, and players alike. To learn more about SAP’s services for the Sports & Entertainment industry, click on the link below.


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