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Advisory Services

Our Program Management team provides thought and solution leadership services, helping you clearly define business goals while ensuring your SAP deployment aligns with your organizational, efficiency and strategic objectives. We help our customers build strong business cases, create plans for successful execution and select the optimal team of resources to get the job done right the first time.



We have developed a strong following among our end-clients and partners alike, differentiated by our employee-centric staffing approach and commitment to deploying the correct mix technology and business process enhancements at the right time. We help you gain competitive advantage by fully realizing the potential value that your SAP solutions can generate.


Migrations & Conversions

LSI migration and conversion services support of realization the intelligent enterprise. Based on SAP HANA technology and built for both Greenfield and Brownfield scenarios, LSI offers service ranging from simple HANA upgrades to digital transformation and cloud migrations.  LSI migrations and conversion services are tailored to the Public sector based on our 21 years of industry experience and centered around our DigitalOne public services templates accelerators and methodology. Working across platforms including HEC, AWS, Azure and GCP Our services include strategic planning, readiness assessments, technology workshops and project planning and implementation.


Application Managed Services

To manage the complexity inherent in competing within today’s business environment, organizations large and small are integrating new concepts, practices, processes, and methodologies across their enterprises. With our AMS team, you can gain the flexibility and functionality you need to adapt to volatile market changes, expand IT systems, exceed stakeholder expectations, and accelerate business results while staying focused on running your business, instead of running your systems.

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