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Content Financials

  • Full transparency across data sources to support strategic decision-making and green-lighting.
  • Detailed dashboards and forecasts, based on live updates and integrated data and systems.
  • Tighter control of production budgets, spending and cash flow.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership using one core solution, with automated processes and workflows
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Procure-to-Pay (P2P) for Media

  • Drive automated efficiencies and reduce internal processes by up to 90%.
  • Real-time reporting to for more accurate forecasting, and deep data analyses.
  • Manage and automate all your procurement data in one place for a single source of truth.
  • Use custom workflows and detailed audit trails to enforce policies, governance, and compliance
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Financial Solutions for Media

  • Profitability Analysis Drives all profitability reports, including global a
  • Revenue Recognition based on SAP RAR for media, our solution helps recognize revenue on the sale of rights, content, channels, and subscriptions
    artist P&L, channel, and by title profitability.
  • Royalty and JVA statement for royalty owners.
  • M&A Consolidation uses best practices for M&A consolidations on SAP Finance.
  • Project Accounting manages project-based accounting and reporting for the album, program, episode, or title.
  • Financial Supply Chain is strong credit management and AR back-end to support complex multi-platform ad-sales.


Other SAP Media & Entertainment Solutions

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Broadcast Management Solution

  • Full program management delivers cost-effective planning and scheduling with end-to-end program management.
  • Improved responsiveness use integrated data and AI to respond to challenges and complex customer demands.
  • Boost revenue Use hierarchy-based discount approval, tracking of high-risk customers, and multi-currency tools, to boost revenues. 
  • Consistency guarantee relevant multi-platform content and promotions with a consistent and reliable user experience.
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Ad Management

  • A unified platform streamlines advertising sales processes across platforms; print, broadcasting, radio, digital, outdoor and mobile
  • Optimized placements and control discount offers using real-time visibility of performance data.
  • Sales opportunities cross-sell and up-sell through different platforms and offer customized promotions and packages. 
  • Reduce risk by accessing your inventory in real-time and analyze data to optimize pricing, placement, and programming decisions.



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Subscription & Distribution

  • Plan more precisely according to market demand, using accurate sales forecasts and figures.
  • Enhance customer experiences by creating a centralized view of users and enhance your online relationship - serve them better content and personalized offers.
  • Better revenue forecasting using accurate forecasting and recurring billing to improve your ability to cross-sell and up-sell, and get more out of your revenue.
  • Accurately recognize revenue for complex subscriptions with better reporting capabilities.



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