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LSI to deliver Student Information Systems throughout North America

Student information systems can digitally transform the student lifecycle -- from admission to graduation -- by adding self-service processes, mobile access and embedded analytics for data-informed decisions. 

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The Duke Basketball Analytics Application: LSI and Duke University Transforms over 100 years of Stats using the Power of SAP HANA and LSI's Private Cloud with AWS

The Duke University Men’s Basketball team, also known as the Blue Devils, has been competing in NCAA Division I college basketball since 1905. Over the years, the Blue Devils have won some games, lost some games and have had some amazing players step onto their court. With over a hundred years of seasons under their belt, you think that it would be almost impossible to look back on the legacy that is the Blue Devils Basketball team. The truth is, up until a couple of years ago it was pretty hard. This all changed with the Duke Basketball Analytics Application created by LSI Consulting, some dedicated and passionate folks, and the latest in SAP technology.  

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Press release!

LSI Consulting selected to modernize the State of Nevada's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system

CARSON CITY, NEVADA, USA, September 16, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ -- LSI Consulting announced today that it was selected to modernize the State of Nevada’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

The Silver State Modernization Approach for Resources and Technology in the 21st Century (SMART 21) is a key initiative for modernizing the State of Nevada’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. “The primary goal of SMART 21”, explained Paul Nicks - Director of the SMART 21 Office of Project Management, “is to achieve an Efficient and Responsive State Government that delivers excellent customer service, streamlined processes and to assist state agencies in successfully attaining efficient and effective operations. To meet this goal, SMART 21 is envisioned to replace our current human resources and financial management systems and provide agencies with easy-to-use reporting tools, improved data management and security, and added flexibility to manage agency operations. Additionally, SMART 21 will be integrated with a new State budgeting system, as well as modern solutions for e-procurement and grants management.”

“LSI is both excited and honored to partner with the State of Nevada on this strategic program. With over 20 years of experience delivering ERP systems based upon the best-in-class SAP technologies, we are looking forward to help set the foundation of next generation Cloud solutions for the State.”, said Steve Roach President & CEO of LSI. “During the recent kick-off, it was refreshing to see that the State of Nevada committed to the project the senior leadership needed to deliver such a strategic initiative.”

About LSI
LSI empowers government organizations to run better and improve citizens’ lives by empowering agency services personnel, reducing operational cost and complexity and effectively managing risk and compliance. Since its founding in 1998, LSI has been developing and configuring SAP software specific for public sector, education and healthcare markets. Fast forward to the Digital Age and LSI continues to transform public organizations by leveraging SAP's next-generation HANA technologies. We provide the full gamut of offerings from Advisory, IT and Business Strategy, Implementation (Cloud or On-Premise), Hosting, Support and Migration services. For more information, visit www.lsiconsulting.com

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How LSI Can Transform Your Career


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Partnership with NS2

LSI Partners with SAP NS2 Secure HANA Cloud

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