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Employee Spotlight Katy Quilter | LSI Culture

Employee Spotlight Katy Quilter | The Culture of LSI

What does it mean to have a company culture? At LSI we believe culture starts with the people. For 21 years we've hired some truly remarkable people that have brought us new perspectives, innovative ideas, and diverse skillsets. Before anyone get's hired at LSI they talk to Katy Quilter. Katy has been LSI's Human Resource Director for 12 years. She's knows what makes LSI tick and what drives it's amazing culture. We sat down with Katy to hear more about the magic behind LSI's culture. 

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Customer Success Story | Arkansas

A Customer Success Story | The U.S State of Arkansas

Bringing the benefits of in-memory computing to 30,000 Arkansas employees and 200 agencies

The U.S. State of Arkansas wanted to accelerate interaction with its ERP system and create a virtual data warehouse on a single platform to enable innovation and gain insights across the organization. This entailed the on-premise turnkey upgrade of the entire technical ecosystem of the Arkansas Administrative Statewide Information System, the ERP system that serves the state government. Due to the magnitude of the project, Arkansas knew it needed an implementation partner with in-depth experience and proven expertise.

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Employee Spotlight Rick Miller | Traveling for LSI

Employee Spotlight Rick Miller | Traveling for LSI 

There's often a stigma associated with traveling for work. Crowded airport lines, lack of leg room, hotel food and adjusting to timezones. But the truth is traveling doesn’t have to be that bad, in fact, traveling can be a fantastic opportunity to visit new places, meet new people, and flex your ability to adapt to different environments. One LSI employee knows all too well what it’s like when work takes you on the road or in the air. Rick Miller, currently the Associate Vice President of Service Delivery and the Program Manager for Penn State spends a lot of time traveling for LSI.  We thought he would be the perfect person to chat with about what it’s like traveling for work and if he had any tips and tricks for making the most out of it. 

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SUPPORTWOMAN: Organizational Change Management

This article is a follow-up on my previous blog: First, watch the go-live, and Support Model Definition

Organizational Change Management (OCM) is not rocket science - it is mostly common sense that need to be outlined, explained, and executed so that it acts as an accelerator of time to value, controls the impact on corporate culture, supports the project success with user acceptance and allows, in the end, the achievement of the projected business outcome.

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#SUPPORTWOMAN: Setting up a Support Model

This article is a follow-up on my previous blog:  SUPPORTWOMAN, first, watch the go-live

Support model definition

  • How is the support model defined, where and by whom are the support activities performed?
  • What works in your specific culture (similar structure can already exist)?
  • Will it be based in HR or in IT; internal or external?
  • Prepare an FAQ of frequently asked questions… knowing that many questions that come in are rather process-related (about 80%)
  • Evaluate the anticipated support volumes and development in time, either using previous go-lives and systems, or by asking questions
  • Develop an SLA approach to measure support performance

Introducing a centralized, tiered structure

A centralized approach to support, with a clarified definition of who-does-what and of all the tasks to be covered can be very helpful.

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